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Platinum Medal


PLATINUM Mrs. Steele



PLATINUM Markowitz







Scotland Yard

Prof. Michael Andregg

Mr. Estolano "Ben" Benavides

Mr. Scott Bird

Ms. Karen George

Dr. Edvard Jacob

Mr. Kevin Scheid

Congressman Rob Simmons

United Nations


The Netherlands

South Africa



Dr. Douglas M. Johnston

Dr. Bert Little

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Mr. Paul van Tongeren

Dr. Paul Ray

Mr. William Greider

Mr. David Kaplan

Mr. Steve Denning

Dr. Herman E. Daly

Dr. Tore Bjorgo

Mr. Tom Atlee

Current page

Republic of South Africa

Mr. Jack Davis

MajGen Patrick Cammaert

Mr. Peter Modafferi

Dr. Simon J. Pak and Dr. John S. Zdanowicz

Mr. Yossef Bodansky

Mr. Tom Copeland

Mr. Johan Truyens

Mr. Arno Reuser

Mr. David Jimenez

Global Futures Partnership

Mr. David Moore and Ms. Lisa Kirzan

Mr. Leonard Paul

Mr. William Hann, BSc (Hons)

Mr. Joseph V. Latella Sr.

Dr. Richard Klavans

Mr. William Crislip

Foreign Military Studies Office (FSMO)

Strategic Studies Institute

Open Source Unit

European Centre for Conflict Prevention

Mr. Guy Kolb

Maj Kristan Wheaton, USA

Mr. William Shawcross, Author

Robert Young Pelton

Researcher A.J. Jongman, Interdisciplinary Research Programme (PIOOM)

Mr. James Bamford, Author

CINC Open Source Advisory Council (COSAC)

Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (SACLANT)

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Dr. Dominic J. Farace

Mr. Philippe Lejeune

Commander, Joint Intelligence Center

Director of Intelligence and Information Operations

Satellite Centre

Open Source Intelligence Centre

National Intelligence Service and Ministry of Defense (Joint Award)

Office of Strategic Crime Assessments

National Intelligence Service


LtCol Ian Wing, Chief of Defence Force Fellow

LCdr Sean Connors, USN

Colonel Barbara Fast, U.S. Army

Autometric (Now Boeing Autometric)

National Intelligence Community

Mr. Tom Will

Dr. Mark Maybury

Mr. Harry Collier

Captain Patrick Tyrrell, RN OBE LLB

i2 Ltd.

Metropolitan Police of London (Scotland Yard)

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Ministry of the Interior

Open Source Intelligence Long Range Reconnaissance Unit

Servizio Centrale di Investigazione sulla CriminalitÓ Organizzata


Mr. Jurgen Storbeck and Mr. Frans-Jan Mulschlegel

Madame Danielle Cailloux

Commission on Secrecy

Maritime Administration

Loyola College

Monterey Institute of International Studies

Intelligence Community Librarians Committee

Mr. Maurice Botbol

Mr. Stephen Aftergood and Mr. John Pike

Dr. Vipin Gupta and Mr. Frank Pabian

Ms. Alice Cranor

Aspin-Brown Commission

Swedish Open Source Cooperation Forum

Ministry of Defence

Canadian Security and Intelligence Service

Community Open Source Program Office

Captain Patrick George

Mr. Abram Hoebe

Mr. Robert Heibel

Mr. John W. Fisher III

Col James "Snake" Clark, USAF

SPOT Image Corporation


Institute for Scientific Information

Jane's Information Group

Ms. Helen Burwell

Mr. Chris Goggans

Col Mike Pheneger, U.S. Army (Ret.)

National Technical Information Service

Mr. Winn Schwartau

Dr. Stevan Dedijer

Dr. Douglas Englebart

Mr. Emmanuel Goldstein (P)

Dr. James Holden-Rhodes

Dr. Ross Stapleton-Gray

Mr. Tim Hendrickson and PATHFINDER

434th Military Intelligence Detachment

Ministry of the Interior

Dr. Loch Johnson

Mr. David Young

Mr. Rop Gonggrijp

Mr. William McDonald

Mr. Roger Karraker

Mr. Samuel Mercier

Mr. Paul Hoffman

Mr. John Berbrich

Mr. Alessandro Politi

MajGen Ken Minihan, USAF

Mr. William Ruh

Ms. Bonnie Carroll

Ms. Diane Webb

Mr. George Marling

Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS)

OSS '03: For its role as the premier professional intelligence association in the world, bringing together both scholars and practitioners for the purpose of understanding and improving the professionalization of intelligence.  Open to all nations, and reflecting the extraordinary role that Canada can play as a neutral friend to all, CASIS embodies the principle, (in the words of its current President, Tony Cambell) that "the truth is so important, it must be protected by a bodyguard of professionals."


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