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Category: OSS Library 07-08-09
Archives / OSS Library 07-08-09

» 2009-04-10 SOCOM J-23 Software List with TOOZL Plus,
Download file: SOCOM Software List WithCommentary and TOOZL List Also.doc
» 2009-03-07 RAND Intel AF IQ "Nuggets Table" by Steele 1.1,
Download file: RAND Nuggets Table by Steele 1.1.doc
» 2009-03-06 Steele Short Intel Re-Invention Brief,
Download file: Short Re-Intelligence Brief.ppt
» 2009-03-06 Intelligence Failures in AF,
Download file: Intelligence Failures The Guardian.doc
» 2009-02-02 OSS CEO Comment on DNI 400-Day Report,
Download file: OSS CEO Review of DNI 500 (Day 400 Report) 2.5.doc
» 2008-11-10 DSB Imperatives, Words on OSINT,
Download file: DSB OSINT.doc
» 2007-11-08 Talking Points for the Chain of Command via J-2,
» 2007-11-07 The Muslim Trojan Horse,
Download file: 2007-11-07 The Muslim Trojan Horse.doc
» 2007-11-07 Raplph Peters on 12 Myths of 21st Century Warfare,
Download file: 2007-11-07 Ralph Peters on 12 Myths.doc
» 2007-11-07 Inordinate Fear Myths and Facts,
Download file: 2007-11-06 Inordinate Fear Myths and Facts.doc
» 2007-11-03 Blackwater Spies for Hire,
Download file: 2007-11-03 Blackwater Spies for Hire.doc
» 2007-11-01 Five Book Reviews for Naval Leaders,
Download file: Five Reviews on Five Reference Works Relevant to the Future of the Naval Services.doc
» 2007-11-01 EE21 (450-ship Navy) with new short-cut,
Download file: EE21 with new short-cut.doc
» 2007-10-30 IC Analytic Training vs. Carol Dumain's Outreach,
Download file: 2007-10-30 IC Analytic Training.doc
» 2007-10-29 Betts in Chicago Sun-Times on Petagon Obesity,
Download file: 2007-10-29 Betts in Chicago Sun-Times on Pentagon Obesity.doc
» 2007-10-28 ONe-Page Talking Points on Ocean,
Download file: 2007-10-28 Talking Points on the Ocean.doc
» 2007-10-26 CNO Gollygook--USN in Deep Shit,
Download file: 2007-10-26 CNO Gobblygook.doc
» 2007-10-23 C/JCS Out of It--Not a Clue,
Download file: JCS Out of It.doc
» 2007-10-22 OSS CEO Library (Categories),
Download file: OSS CEO Library.doc
» 2007-10-22 Chinese Irregular Warfare 2.0,
Download file: Memo Anon Chinese Irregular Warfare 2.0.doc

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