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The NATO series on OSINT, and such other core documents as we consider fundamental to understanding OSINT, intelligence reform, and the future of the seven tribes with seven standards.

» Literature Survey--Politics, Leadership, & The Future of Life,
Download file: OPM 01-06 Readings on Politics, Leadership, Future.ppt
» Literature Survey--Books on the Larger Information Environment,
Download file: OPM 01-01 Readings on Information.ppt
Be patient, takes about 3 minutes at 100MB--over 10 minutes at 56K.
» Literature Survey--Books about Strategy & Force Structure,
Download file: OPM 01-04 Readings Strategy & Structure.ppt
» Literature Survey--Books about Intelligence as Process and Profession,
Download file: OPM 01-02 Readings on Intelligence.ppt
» Literature Survey--Books about Emerging Threats,
Download file: OPM 01-03 Readings on Emerging Threat.ppt
» Literature Survey--Blowback, Dissent, International Relations,
Download file: OPM 01-05 Readings on Blowback, Dissent, IR.ppt
» JC Herz on Harnessing the Hive Via Online Games,
Download file: JC Herz on Harnessing the Hive Via Online Games.pdf
If you can afford it, Esther Dyson's Release 1.0 is well worth a subscription, and her conference (only subscribers can attend) is no doubt a real value as well.  Investigate this source at   Meanwhile, with thanks to a senior at NSA, here is a sample copy that open with JC Herz (Joystick Nation) on harnessing the hive via online games.  This is about four years after John Gage made the observation about $300 Sony playstations being the poor person's computer, with real revolutionary potential.  Worth a read.  DoKoMo!!!!  Sony!!!!  Play Ball!
» Internet Links for Citizen Oversight,
Download file: 28-Appendix 2 Internet Links.doc
» HASC Exchange on OSINT as Transformative,
Download file: Simmons-Schoomaker HASC Exchange 21 Jul 04 RTF.rtf
» Fyffe on Multilateral OSINT Sharing & Exploitation (OSS '03),
Download file: Fyffe Full Presentation on OSINT Sharing.doc
» Executive Briefing on Open Source Intelligence,
Download file: SASC Two-Page Brief on OSINT.doc
In simple terms, explains what Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is, how this differs from classified intelligence or private sector research, who is doing what, and who should be doing more.
» Eric Margolis on Afghanistan Outcome to Date,
Download file: Afghanistan.doc
» Briefing: The Future of Intelligence (Seven Tribes, Seven Standards),
Download file: OPM 08 InfoPeace Briefing.ppt
» Briefing: The Failure of 20th Century Intelligence,
Download file: OPM 03 Failure Seminar.ppt
» Briefing: PROCESSING--Make the Most of What You Know,
Download file: OPM 05 Processing Seminar.ppt
» Briefing: New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence,
Download file: OPM 07 New Rules Seminar.ppt
» Briefing: COLLECTION--Know Who Knows,
Download file: OPM 04 Collection Seminar.ppt
» Briefing: CINC Brief (10 Minutes),
Download file: 02-CINC Brief (10Min).ppt
» Briefing: ALL-SOURCE ANALYSIS--Making Magic,
Download file: OPM 06 Analysis Seminar.ppt
» Briefing: 9-11, U.S. Intelligence, and the Real World,
Download file: OPM 00-01 9-11 US Intel and Real World.ppt

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