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» 2006-06-13 Opening Slides for "Can't Fix Stupid" 1.1,
Download file: Opening Slides 1.1.ppt
» 2006-06-13 First Three Slides on New Brief "Can't Fix Stupid",
Download file: Opening Slides.ppt
» 2006-04-18 National Press Club Lecture 003 New Rules,
Download file: 003 New Rules Seminar.ppt
» 2006-04-18 National Press Club Lecture 002 Failure of IC,
Download file: 002 Failure Seminar.ppt
» 2006-04-18 National Press Club Lecture 001 on Real World,
Download file: 001 Overview Briefing.ppt
» 2006-01-18 Robert Steele at Amazon Developers Conference,
Download file: Amazon Final 6.5.ppt
» 2005-11-17 Steele at Hackers on Google Intelligence With Note Final,
Download file: Steele at Hackers with Notes Final.ppt
View in Notes format to see words.
» 2005-11-05 Steele on Intelligence (MALAS in St. Louis),
Download file: Steele on Intelligence.ppt
» 2005-04-22 Army Strategy Conference,
Download file: E3I--Making the Revolution Updated 20 Apr 05.ppt
» 2005-04-14 Steele on E3i Revisted (Army Strategy Conference),
Download file: E3I--Making the Revolution.ppt
» 2004-12-03 Information Peacekeeping (Steele in Stockholm, 3rd Annual Peacekeeping Intelligence Conference),
Download file: Information Peacekeeping 1.1.ppt
» 2004-11-08 OSS CEO at DHS: The Future of Intelligence,
Download file: The Future of Intelligence.ppt
not federal, not secret, not expensive--focus on bottom-up dots from the country level across the homeland, not on secret silver bullets that will not materialize.
» 2004-06-14 Bin Laden, Intelligence, and National Security (2.0),
Download file: Opening Slides 2.0.ppt
» 2004-04-04 Random information,
Download file: Amazon Final 6.0.ppt
» 2003-01-09 C4I Revolution and National Security (Presentation to AFCEA San Antonio),
Download file: C4I Revolution and National Security.ppt

30 slide presentation, about a 4 minute download at 56K baud.  Created for AFCEA San Antonio, presented 9 Jan 03.  Handouts included "Citizen in Search of a Leader," review of Howard Rheingold's book Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, and copy of OSS business intelligence headline for 25 Dec 02 . (search for "RFID").

» 2002-11-15 Information Peacekeeping & The Future of Intelligence (Keynote to the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association)
Presentation to the conference on "Peacekeeping & Intelligence: Lessons for the Future?" sponsored by the Netherlands Defence College (IDL) and the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA), 15-16 November 2002, The Hague, The Netherlands.
» 2002-01-09 Steele Keynote to NSA in Las Vegas,
Download file: Vegas Keynote for NSA.ppt
» 2002-01-06 The New Craft of Intelligence What Should the T Be Doing to the I in IT,
Download file: Vegas.ppt
» 1999-09-16 Planned Remarks to Security Affairs Support Association,
Download file: TOUGHLOVE.ppt

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