(Global, Transnational, National, Civic, and Technical Intelligence)

Robert D. Steele, OSS CEO

Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
National Senior Intelligence Course

1 December 1997


Four warrior classes (Square) - page 78 in readings (non-state actors!)

Battlespace and Battletime (Peterson Plus) -- page 79 in readings

Levels of analysis & strategic generalizations

Integrated National Intelligence and Information Strategy (intel/tools/ECI/IP)

Fiscal Realities-25-33% cut in intelligence budget coming down the pike

Open Source Intelligence


Hard-Copy or No-Copy (Oral/Africa)

Geospatial Vacuum

Civil Center of Gravity

Diamond Paradigm

Changing Role of the Analyst

Key Concepts for Intelligence and Counterintelligence in 21st Century


New Forms of Intelligence

Additional training references:

Formal Training lesson plans, including instructor's guides and student handouts, available free at These can be downloaded, adapted, and freely reproduced.

Open Source Intelligence: Professional Handbook 1.1, Joint Military Intelligence Training Center (October 1996), available to JMITC students at no cost from Mr. John Fisher, JMITC, telephone (202) 231-3406. DoD and its elements have unlimited reproduction rights, you can copy at will.

Open Source Intelligence: Readings, and Open Source Intelligence: Strategy available in hard copy for $75.00 and $25.00 respectively, much but not all available free at

OSS NOTICES is the 30-40 page newsletters on open sources and methods. Past issues free at <>. Prices and subscription information available at <> or at OSS Inc.

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